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How We Work

We work in close partnership with our clients, in order to:


  • Build capacity and confidence.

  • Transfer knowledge and skills.

  • Encourage ownership of the end solution.

We work with key managers and staff to create the culture for change, and as a dedicated resource we are able to provide the additional energy necessary to overcome inertia and start the change process.

Our Goal Based Project Management Method provides a structure for planning the goals, resources, activities and timescales of the project, and for explaining the complex interdependencies within the organisation that need to be incorporated into the plan.

Workers at Gas Plant
Image by Shaah Shahidh

Measuring objectives during the project enables managers to provide feedback to employees and encourage positive change. Clear project objectives also provide the basis for measuring the impact of the project upon completion.


In the field of Change Management, Oritza has won a reputation amongst its many world-class clients for:


  • Clear and innovative analysis and reportage.

  • The provision of fresh and focused insights.

  • Effective communication across the company structure.

  • The delivery of practical and highly beneficial results.

Image by Marcin Jozwiak
Image by Ayotunde Oguntoyinbo

So, that’s who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

Oritza’s reputation stems from an intimate knowledge of supply chain management and a wide experience of change management programmes.

Most of all, our reputation is based upon the results of working together with our clients to manage a change for better business

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